5.3 Definition of Blocks where Release Information is not Available

When Usages, Revenues or Sales are to be reported for Resources for which no information on the Release it is contained in has been previously made available, the following Records shall be communicated for each Block in this order.

  • One Record of type AS01.02 or AS02.03 describing the Resource including basic information of the underlying Work. The Message Sender may wish to split the information into two Records.
    The first Record, of type AS01.02, contains information regarding the Sound Recording, Video or other Resource, and the second Record, of type MW01.02, contains information about the Musical Work utilised. 

  • One or more Records providing Usage, Revenue or Sales figures of type SU01.02 or SU02.02. 
    The SU01.02/SU02.02 Records does not need to point to the Resource Record to which the Usage, Revenue or Sale transaction relates as this is implicit as the Block only contains one Resource Record.

The Blocks shall be preceded by one or more Summary Records SY01.02 , SY02.03, SY03.01, SY04.02, SY05.02 or SY12 (depending on the commercial model) for each type of use, commercial model and territory any Resource contained in the Sales Report Message has been traded under. It is permissible to communicate different types of Summary Records in a single sales/usage report.

It is recommended to provide the Summary Records in a logical order to aid human readability. This would typically mean that Summary Records of different types are not mixed. For example a sequence of SY01.02 SY01.02 SY04.02 SY02.03 SY02.03 meets this recommendation, whereas SY04.02 SY01.02 SY04.02 does not. 

The left-hand part of the Figure 2 below shows the case where Musical Work information is provided as part of the Resource Record AS02.01 and the right-hand part shows the case where Musical Work information is provided on an extra Record MW01.02.

Figure 1 – One Block  of Records when reporting Usages, Revenues or Sales for Audio Resources

The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Profile. 

Record Type






SY01.02 or SY02.03  SY03.01 or or SY04.02 or SY05.03 or SY12


Also a combination of the three Summary record types is allowed:

  • first all SY01.02 Records (if there are any),

  • then all SY02.03 Records (if there are any),

  • then all SY03.01 Records (if there are any),

  • then all SY04.02/SY05.02 Records (if there are any)

  • then all SY12 Records (if there are any)




|   AS01.02 or AS02.03


If no (or only partial) musical work information is available, an AS02.03 Record should be used with the relevant Cells left empty.

|   |   MW01.02


May only follow an AS01.02 record

|   SU01.02 or SU02